The Practice is an immersive theatrical experience where the audience is initiated into an imaginary cult.

Written and directed by Cameron Rose, all shows sold out at the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival.



Begin is a 64x36 grid of white dots. These dots are like binary code; they are either ON or OFF. But in the right sequence they dance, slide, twirl and jump.

Begin explores the boundaries of perception, deconstructing an image to an abstract array of dots. But it also celebrates the ability to decode these patterns and rhythms into something meaningful and emotional. It combines the glorious tap dancing of Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell with low-res digital minimalism. Twenty-first century digital media can overwhelm with its complexity and ubiquity, but ultimately it creates an authentic experience only when the gap between the pixels is stitched together by the viewer, and integrated into the viewer’s own memory and desires.

Exhibited at Screen Gallery, Monash University in 2012.


The HIVE (Happiness Interactive Visualiser Environment) was an installation that allows the viewer to create an animated self-portrait that is projected onto Cube 37 at Frankston Art Centre in 2011. During the day visitors to the gallery create their own animated portraits based on a series of questions. These questions are based around personality indicators that have been used to measure happiness. The user is able to construct and edit their response until they are happy with the result. The animation is saved and stored for replay on that and subsequent nights.

The aim is for the viewer to create an animation that reflects their personality, with the collection of animations displayed at night representing a group portrait of the community. Click image to view video.


Amidst the noise and narcissism of cyberspace, youtube video identities were asked to switch off the lights, light a candle, count to 30 and then blow the candle out. Our earliest "technology" fire meets the 21st century interweb and verbosity is replaced with silence as the screen flickers with candlelight.

Exhibited as part of the Sound/Silence exhibition at Frankston Art Gallery in 2009.

Watch movie here


The mutlimedia installation of the history project. In addition to the documentaries there were artifacts from the old KewCottages site, extra video and an archival photo explorer. Exhibited at Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery in 2008.

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Commisioned by Telstra and Open Channel as part of the their mobile Micromovie program in 2004. The brief was to produce a short film suitable for distribution over their mobile network. Hanoi Lights is an impressionistic representation of the sights and sounds around Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Watch movie here


As you peer through a keyhole in a wardrobe you encounter a sinister combination of domesticity, erotica and mystique. Squeeze the fluffy heart on the door to lead you from one scene to the next.

Exhibited at Glen Eira City Gallery in 2000.


Commisioned by Q-Ecology productions in 2000.

This combination of scientific footage and animation was projected onto the outside of Wrest Point Casino in Hobart. An interactive projection allowed the public to create their own soundtrack to the video.


Inspired by the desolate spaces in the south west of the USA, and the electric cityscapes of San Francisco and Las Vegas, this two channel video installation explores two versions of American mythology, the frontier and rampant capatalism.

Installed at the Foyer Cafe in Salamance Place, Hobart in 1999.

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