I teach a unit on motion graphics but have incorporated a major project that has the students produce an animated documentary. This has proved to be a highly succesful brief as it gives the student an immediate story to base their film on, and the opportunity to create a video that has real meaning and impact.

A great example was a film produced in 2011 called Mother. The students interviewed a chinese woman who told the fascinating story of her life in China through all its changes and her journey to Australia. It can be seen here.


I teach digital imaging to first year design students where they learn basic to intermediate Photoshop and Illustrator. Some simple briefs can produce some great results. For example the image at left is a vector mandala project. The student used Russia as her theme. Click on it for a larger view.


Storytelling is one of our oldest and most effective means of communication. Stories inform, delight, educate and inspire. They can also seduce, excite and horrify. Teaching the basics of storytelling, writing and producing for the screen brings together many elements. Second year multimedia students are given a story to adapt and are encouraged to use techniques such as rising and falling action, building tension and reversals.

The example on the left is a video based on the myth of Narcissus.

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Last update 21 February 2012